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Follower - The new member of the Ruthless Raiders, this is the lowest rank.

Bandit - After being a follower for 2 weeks and a minimum level of 15 players will become Bandits, this reflects they are now officially a Ruthless Raider

Elite Bandit - Once players have reached level 25, shown that they truly are a part of the Ruthless Raiders (Good deeds; Helping others, answering questions, etc), and are a registered member on the Guild website will they become an Elite Bandit

Raider - Once a player has reached level 30, and has become a well known member of the guild for good deeds, knowledge, skill or potential, and good chemistry with the other members of the guild they become a Raider. This is our core rank

Elite Raider - Chosen for standing out for all aspects of the game and guild. These are the guild council and will help choose the future and path of lower ranks within the guild.

Ruthless Raider - Ruthless Raiders have shown they care about the Guild are trusted and members who are looked up to by all of the Ruthless Raider guild, being for knowledge or helpfulness or skill and talent. The Ruthless Raiders are the Guild Master's right hand men/women
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Arianna-JayJay, Jan 4, 12 6:08 PM.
This website is still under construction feel free to message Arianna-JayJay on ideas to benefit the website and guild!


Arianna-JayJay, Jan 4, 12 1:27 AM.
Home - Overview of the Ruthless Raiders website and what is to come.

Forums - A place of discussion for all members, although most talk will be done in game.       

Raid Calendar/DKP - May or may not be added later depending on the majority interest of the guilds loot system

Roster - An updated roster of the Guilds members registered on the website

Resources - A list of all registered members crew skills/crafting skill and their level.
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